Friday, 10 August 2012

Wedding Prequels

Everyone's heard of wedding prenuptials. In fact most celebrities seem unable to make the walk down the marriage isle without first qualifying who gets what if (or when) they split. It's sad - surely the very mention of a prenuptial agreement would raise serious doubts in the minds of most brides and grooms as to whether this was a marriage made to last.

But how many of you have heard of, what we like to call, the wedding prequel? It seems to be the latest rage - have a photoshoot done of the happy couple before the big wedding day. It's another way of capturing a slice of life. And why not? Most of us have to dig out and dust off the old the camera for special times, even then we usually favour our mobile phones for capturing any photos, rarely downloading for putting on show. But how we all LOVE pouring over the old fashioned photo albums (or watching them rotate on our digital photo frames!!)

So why not let a professional do the hard work for you, make you look gorgeous and then present you with a complete collection of timeless images?

We're happy if you want to come and have a wedding prequel shoot at our hotel. The gardens are looking great and the house is as lovely as ever.

Below are some Yorkshire photographers that we know are great at wedding photos, but who also do lovely pre-wedding/engagement shoots. They come highly recommended by us, but sadly we're not on commission. We just like making our brides and grooms happy. So enjoy!

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