Thursday, 30 August 2012

Under the Duvet, the sequel to Between the Sheets

Who needs Fifty Shades of Grey to give you a good night's sleep when our guests are having the most peaceful slumber in our beds?  If you read our previous blog Between the Sheets - and many of you did - you'll know that so many of our guests comment on what was the best night's sleep of their life.

Well, the praise continues to stream in from guests, including this lady who is putting her order in direct from the manufacturers...

We held our daughters wedding at Holdsworth House in April 2012 and, along with many of our guests, stayed overnight. I have been meaning to contact you ever since about how comfortable the beds were. A lot of our guests said the same and I noticed that you had very thick mattress toppers on the beds. Can you tell us which brand they are and what type they are? I would like to buy one for myself. We were in room 8 if that helps. Thank you.

Name and address supplied.

So for everyone wanting to know where we get our super mattress toppers from, here's the info. We buy in bulk of course from Mitre Linen, but if you contact them they may tell you where to buy one direct.

"Very comfortable mattress topper with a polyester filling and a polyester cotton cover. Attaches to the mattress via elastic straps at each corner. Weight 800gsm."

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