Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Wedding Eve Party

In a world where international travel is commonplace and more and more of us are choosing to live and work abroad, a wedding is one of the few times that families and friends are able to come together. Despite the warm lure of Dubai or the stunning Skylines of Singapore, many of our brides and grooms love to return to the Yorkshire homelands to tie the knot.

A recent wedding at Holdsworth House saw the bride and groom, who live and work in the far east, choosing to marry in their native UK surrounded by their family and friends. What better way then than to extend the celebrations for the closest few than with a Holdsworth House Wedding Eve Party.

Relatives arriving into the UK or driving from the other end of the country often come a few days prior to the big day; it's uncommon for such guests to simply rock up at the wedding venue just as you're heading down the aisle! As a result Holdsworth House has seen a growth in couples and families celebrating the night before the 'main event' as a way of welcoming and catching up with those long-distance relatives. Many say it's a great way to settle the nerves and put everyone in the party mood.

The private dining rooms at Holdsworth House have served as the best location for such events and chef has created a selection of sharing dishes on the Host A Roast menu, in effect to give families a fabulous home from home roast dinner or hearty homemade pie to delve into.

The big day can whizz by fast, so if you've got a bit of catching up to do, host a Wedding Eve Party to thank your guests for coming and kick the celebrations off in style.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Booking direct V booking via another hotel booking website

There are so many hotel booking websites and comparison sites now that instead of helping guests find an easy route to reserving a hotel room, many are simply comparing comparison sites!

The internet has paved the way for lots of new 'hotel booking agents' to spring up, so how does it work?

1) Some agents buy hotel stock
Some agents agree an allocation of rooms each night with the hotel. That means that when you book, your room is guaranteed - but they can't allocate you a specific room e.g. if you love room 20 for its views or because it has wheelchair access, agents can't automatically allocate you this. It has to be done within the hotel's system.

2) Some agents simply agree a price but no allocation
Some agents will agree a price but when you book they will send the request to the hotel - this way you can't guarantee a room and run the risk of being booked out, or later finding out your 'booking' is not actually a booking at all if there are no rooms available! You may not receive a confirmation. Indeed the hotel may not receive your booking request at all from the agent leaving everyone fuming!

3) Best Available Rate
Some agents use the hotel's Best Available Rate, this is a rate that fluctuates daily, set by the hotel. The agent simply pulls the data through to their website, making it the same as booking direct. The hotel pays the agent for the privilege of promoting the room. The customer assumes the booking has been made there and then but there are lots of things going on in the background to ensure the booking is in the hotel's system. The confirmation comes from the booking agent. Special requests are noted but can't be guaranteed or discussed through an online agent - you'd need to ring the hotel direct.

4) Best Available Rate +
Some agents take the hotel's daily rate (through another 3rd party) and add their own cut on top, meaning the customer loses out by paying more. You might not have heard of the booking website, know where they are based (they may be outside the UK) or who indeed you've paid money to. They might say things like 'best price' or 'last room' when in fact both of these statements could be untrue. The problem is the lack of regulation of such websites.

5) Wholesale Prices
Some travel agents buy room stock on a group booking basis for specific dates and a lot of rooms at a reduced rate. They then charge the customer what they like for these rooms. They usually package them up e.g. theatre breaks, coach tours.

6) Wholesale Prices +
Some agents take wholesale prices and add their own mark up - charging whatever they want. Many of these are based outside of the UK and don't list the correct hotel information. Rates are often converted from alternative currencies and so fluctuate. They sometimes don't include breakfast... Are you really sure what you're buying?

In Summary
If you want a hotel room - cut through the confusion and book direct. Here's the benefit of booking direct with Holdsworth House:
  • Avoid any confusion over who has the best rate - we always have the best rate direct
  • Ensure your booking is in the hotel's system
  • Receive a confirmation from the hotel
  • Have more flexible booking and cancellation terms
  • Have a full cooked breakfast, parking, wifi and VAT included in the room price
  • Know who you have paid and who has got your money!
  • Ensure any special requests or add ons e.g. specific rooms, Champagne and chocolates in the room etc are dealt with.
This isn't just a ploy by hotels to get more bookings - the simple fact is that the more people and companies are involved in the one booking transaction, the more can go wrong and each party wants a slice of the what the customer ends up paying!

Friday, 26 September 2014

A Real Last Tango in Halifax Wedding!

You might think you are a fan of the BBC's Last Tango in Halifax, but you might not have much on a couple that were recently married at Holdsworth House Hotel in Halifax.

The BAFTA winning TV show was filmed at Holdsworth House (series 2) and featured as the venue of Caroline and Kate's romantic weekend break, Celia's hen party and Alan and Celia's wedding (although some indoor scenes were also filmed elsewhere).

One couple whose real life backstory remarkably follows that of Alan and Celia's is Maxine and Roland who were married at Holdsworth House in August 2014. The new Mr & Mrs Tyler were married in The Gazebo, in the grounds of Holdsworth House Hotel looking on to the beautiful facade of the hotel, which featured prominently in the Last Tango series. 


In a story that mirrors Alan and Celia's so closely, it was however Maxine and Roland who have lived the real life tale for the last 30 years. The couple were young sweethearts who both went their separate ways and married separately. Years later they were reunited via the Internet having, unknowingly, lived close by to each other for so long.

In a similar twist to the BBC shows' characters, Maxine and Roland (pictured left with their families) decided not to tell anyone they were getting married, and in fact Maxine chose not to get an engagement ring, joking now that she 'wants a sports car like Celia'! The only difference in the stories is that the couple's children from previous marriages actually attended the marriage ceremony, making it a wonderful family affair.

Maxine said “We were looking for a small wedding venue where we could slip away and get married. We were avid fans of Last Tango in Halifax so as soon as we saw that it was filmed at Holdsworth House I knew it was the place for us. As it’s such a beautiful venue I didn’t think they’d have space for us but when I spoke to Claire the wedding coordinator and she said they could fit us in, I just knew it was fate.

“Our story is exactly the same as Alan and Celia’s, we have both been married before and have lived relatively close by for so long. We got back in touch via the Internet, just like Alan and Celia and, as it turns out, Roland has been driving past my house for years not knowing that I live there. We didn’t tell anyone we were getting married” Maxine added jokingly, “In fact we were thinking of announcing our marriage via text a bit like Alan and Celia too!"

Kind thanks go to Maxine and Roland for allowing us to tell their story. The team wishes them both much happiness for the future.

Pictures courtesy of Maxine and Roland Tyler, official Last Tango photographer's Kyte Photography and Red Production Company

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thirty seven years and counting...

Rose Kendell
Apparently the average person changes jobs eleven times during his or her career* so Holdsworth House's kitchen porter, Rosemary Kendell, is definitely an exception as she clocks up 37 years' work at the four star hotel.

In fact Rose began work at the hotel aged sweet sixteen when Holdsworth House (or the Cavalier Country Club as it was known then) was owned by the late Freddie and Rita Pearson. Our Belfast beauty travelled to England aged just fifteen and followed in her mum's footsteps to work at the hotel; Rose's mum Maureen McEvoy also worked as Holdsworth House's kitchen porter! Working to begin with on weekends and evenings Rose finally took over from her mum after 27 years in the job.

Now with four sons and one daughter Rose has fond memories as she continues her long service at Holdsworth House:

"I remember Rita and Freddie Pearson (who bought the hotel in 1953), they were lovely people. After the birth of my son I brought him in to the hotel and Rita and Freddie gave him a new blanket, they were always asking after the children. Then when I had my daughter I worked right up until the day she was born - in fact I had to call in sick the morning I had Laura."
Rita Pearson
Today Holdsworth House is in the safe hands of Rita and Freddie's children, Gail and Kim.

Rose continues; "It's lovely to see the hotel still thriving. We have bigger events more frequently. I've seen the hotel grow and develop with the bedroom extension and bar. Its a lovely team and still a great family to work for."

Rose is fondly known for her gorgeous Irish Gaelic twang, deep loyalty to the hotel and wonderful friendship she offers everyone around her. We all send Rose the very best wishes as she celebrates her long career at Holdsworth House.

*Source About.com 

Monday, 7 July 2014

10 reasons to hold your wedding at Holdsworth House

The wedding dress aside, choosing your venue might be one of the hardest wedding decisions you make. You might feel you're handing control of your day to a bunch of strangers - how well are they going to perform and live up to your expectations? You need to be confident you've made the best decision.

As one of Yorkshire's most successful wedding venues, here are the top ten reasons brides tell us they choose Holdsworth House:

1) It's somewhere so flexible

"Holdsworth, unlike a lot of places, caters for whatever you want" 30 May 2014

Your wedding day should be completely unique. We don't shoehorn couples into packages that don't suit them. Holdsworth House wedding packages are built from experience, from the average number of guests and using timings that we know work well for guests, registrars and for you to get the most out of your day. But if the package doesn't fit you, we'll tailor one that does.

Being an independent hotel means we can chop and change things to suit you more readily. If you've got some wild and crazy ideas - great, we will help you realise them. If you want a small, intimate celebration - wonderful, it will be very romantic.

You are the customer and you retain control. We can help and advise you at every step of the way. We don't know any other venue offering the same flexibility.

Image-I-Nation Photography
2) Your friends and family will thank you
“My son’s wedding was held at the hotel. The entire stay from beginning to end went without a fault or hitch and the staff could not have been more helpful and friendly." September 2013
Most of our wedding business comes from referrals: couples who feel the urge to share their happy wedding with the world. Holdsworth House is not an off-the-shelf hotel, but if you want somewhere that will stand out and stay with your guests for years to come, this is it.

It's true that many of our Tripadvisor reviews are from brides and grooms, but we also get a heap of comments from guests that celebrate with the wedding party. In a year we welcome around 20,000 wedding guests; you should come in and read our comment book from those who are checking out the morning after the night before. It makes our hearts sing.

John Hope Photography
3) Holdsworth House is a photographer's dream

"The house and grounds are stunning, we couldn't have chosen a more beautiful location" 28 May 2014

Knowing good suppliers is part of what we do. We don't earn commission from any wedding supplier, but we will only recommend companies that we know have delivered great results in the past. But when a supplier recommends us back, that's a lovely compliment.

Many photographers for example love shooting weddings here. They love the grounds, the lighting, the quirkiness and character of the building that they can pick out in pictures. Holdsworth House offers photographers something different from bog standard wedding portraits and they can use our hotel like a playground to capture the character of each bride and groom perfectly.

We're used to working with a whole range of wedding companies - florists, cake makers, venue dressers - if they're from Yorkshire, we've probably worked with them! All this experience means we can help them to help you, we see your other suppliers as our customers too so we will make sure they have everything they need to get their job done.

4) Tripadvisor winners again and again

"I've never written a review on Tripadvisor but after one of my best friend's lovely wedding at Holdsworth House, I thought I'd have a go! Just really want to say how great all the staff were and it was such a special day. This is a really beautiful place to stay, I wish we'd had longer than just one night!" April 2014

Everyone knows what Tripadvisor is about. As hoteliers we don't hide from it or pretend it's not there. In fact we embrace all feedback, which is why Holdsworth House has won the Certificate of Excellence for the last four years running.

We respond to all feedback, but most importantly ensure we do everything possible to resolve any issue as it happens, before a guest leaves.  So you can rest assured that things don't get brushed under the carpet nor corners cut - the good thing about Tripadvisor is that there is no place for a venue to hide!

5) Fabulous food
"The food was to die for (totally recommend the pork rillette and Apple crumble)" 7 April 2014
The AA's description for 2 AA Rosettes means: 'Excellent restaurants that aim for and achieve higher standards and better consistency. A greater precision is apparent in the cooking, and there will be obvious attention to the selection of quality ingredients'.

Holdsworth House has won two AA rosettes every year for the last 15 years. Food is sourced locally and beef is hung on site for 28 days to give extra maturity and tenderness. Chef's kitchen is located next to the main function room so food is served hot and fresh.

A fresh banqueting service is nothing to be sniffed at. It means, unlike some venues, meals are prepared fresh without freezing and reheating so that the taste packs a punch and your guests get a restaurant quality meal. Ours is quite the envy of a lot of venue kitchens.

6) 50 years' experience

"All the team were superb but a special thank you to Matthew, Phil and our waitress - she has had lots of practice tucking in brides!!!!" 5 January 2014

We get lots of strange and wonderful requests. That's what makes a day in the life of Holdsworth House so interesting. Whatever particular needs and desire you have to make your wedding special, we will pull out the stops to help.

In 2013 we celebrated 50 years as an independent hotel. From a private member's socialising den in the 1960s to one of Yorkshire's top wedding venues - 50 years provides a wealth of experience and there's almost nothing our walls have not witnessed!

Holdsworth House co-owner Gail
and Jamie Oliver
7) A team that cares

"I was first introduced to Holdsworth House by Sally Wainwright (writer of Last Tango in Halifax & Happy Valley), who suggested it as one of the locations for Alan & Celia's wedding in LTiH series two. Holdsworth House is a beautiful building, and it did eventually form part of our wedding sequence. From my initial contact with owner Gail Moss I was welcomed with open arms, a welcome that was extended to all the cast and crew whilst filming took place." Andy Morgan, Location Manager, June 2014

50 years after buying Holdsworth House, the same family still owns the hotel.

Being an independent hotel means our team takes things personally; perhaps that's why we go above and beyond many other venues. Personal pride is very important and is engrained within the culture from the owners and management team to everyone working behind the scenes.

It's this personal touch that continues to win us business. The team is selected for special projects, including TV and film, because we have a reputation of being able to deliver. We recently welcomed the cast and crew of Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax, and Jamie Oliver chose Holdsworth House to film Jamie's Great Britain. It's a reputation that goes back fifty years, when The Beatles stayed here to escape the crowds on their British tour.

Courtesy of
Mr & Mrs Costello
8) It's a stunning year round setting

"My wife and I got married at this beautiful and charming hotel on 28th December 2013 and have nothing but rave recommendations for every aspect of our special day." 3 January 2014

Spring and summer weddings are always popular. The gardens burst to life and the courtyards are full of birdsong. Many brides and grooms now consider a winter wedding equally as magical; a sprinkling of frost or snow makes Holdsworth House look spectacular.

There is so much to see at Holdsworth House. If you're looking for a venue packed to the rafters with character, history and charm, look no further. We don't pretend to be contemporary and corporate, we like to offer all of life's luxuries in a more interesting and engaging way.

9) Indoors or out, take your pick

"We married at Holdsworth House yesterday, 8th March 2014 and all I can say is that it was amazing. We had a perfect day. The hotel is fabulous, the food is gorgeous and the staff are absolutely amazing. If you want to tie the knot Holdsworth is the place to do it."

There aren't too many places in Yorkshire where you can be married outdoors. There are a number of rules in place by the registrars that venues must abide by for legal marriages to take place. We've done our homework and our Courtyard weddings are fully licensed and increasingly popular.

10) Only one wedding per day

"I got married here in June 2013. I will remember this day always and for all the right reasons! The staff here are fabulous, much more than just professional and helpful, they are really friendly too and this made a huge difference to me on my big day!"

By only allowing one wedding per day we can dedicate our full attention to you.  Simples x