Friday, 28 February 2014

Same Sex Marriages from 29th March

We were thrilled to hear the news from the Calderdale registrars recently that same sex marriage / gay marriage is being recognised from 2014 onwards.

Equalities Minister, Maria Miller, is vowing to put in place procedures to allow those who are in a civil partnership to convert to marriage by the end of 2014

Same-sex couples who married abroad under foreign law and are currently treated as civil partners will be recognised as being married in England and Wales from March 2014. So if you want a party to celebrate then you know where to come!

Read more about the change in law in The Guardian's article from December 2013 or contact Calderdale Register Office on 01422 288080

Holdsworth House is fully licensed to hold marriages conducted by the registrars, which includes those covered by the new law. Lesbian and gay couples wishing to be the first to marry here need to formally give notice of their intention to marry in the usual way on 13 March.

It's a huge step in the right direction and we can't wait to welcome more couples to our historic grounds for some more historic occasions!

Holdsworth House - featured as Caroline & Kate's 'romantic rendezvous' hotel in the BBC's BAFTA winning Last Tango in Halifax.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

5 reasons to have a Christmas wedding

Think about it, Christmas weddings have so many things going for them; it makes us wonder why so many people choose a wedding in the summer months.

With warming open fires, twinkling frost on the lawns and beautiful winter sun - your wedding photos will be stunning (and great lighting didn't even make it in to our top five!)

Here are some of the best reasons for having a wedding around Christmas time at Holdsworth House.

  1. Christmas decorations are up all around the hotel. Not only do you not need to bother dressing your function room, the entire hotel will be dazzling in festive fanciness. 
  2. Nobody will forget your anniversary. Least of all your betrothed, so make space for your Christmas and anniversary cards.
  3. Everyone will be in a good mood. It's Christmas after all and, unless there's a Scrooge in your family, your dearly beloved will enjoy the excuse to gather together at this special time of year.
  4. Guests are likely to be on holiday from work. This is a bonus so choose any day of the Christmas week to invite your nearest and dearest to the party of the year.
  5. You can be more sure of the weather without pinning your hopes on blisteringly hot sunshine. Think winter shawls, faux fur, multi-coloured wellies and the scent of spicy hot toddies wafting around. 
Cool is officially chic.