Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Tale of Two Naughty Rabbits

When two adorable rabbits were in need of a home, the management team at Holdsworth House came to their rescue.

The two brothers were nameless, but quick thinking guests at the hotel thought up 'Ringo' and 'Paul', after two of the four most famous guests that have stayed at the historic manor. After all, the little white rabbit had black rings like smudges around its eyes - Ringo was a very fitting name.

Paul and Ringo were treated to every kind of luxury, as is the Holdsworth House way. They were met on their arrival with lots of 'oohs' and 'aaahs'; they'd even had the most wonderful hutch and expansive rabbit run built. John, the hotel gardener, ensured the lawn was rich and green whilst Chef even saved some of the finest carrots fresh from the Yorkshire fields. The road ahead was a life of bliss.

Whilst extra comforts and fine food was already a given, it was the customer service and daily attention lavished on the two rabbits that was to ensure their regal existence. Daily feeds, cleaning and human contact, in particular with wedding coordinator Sophie, was to help the timid little creatures settle in.

All was wonderful in the bountiful gardens of Holdsworth House and as time went on, the two rabbits soon found their paws. But then things began to change... and cuteness grew up into adolescent cheekiness!  Perhaps all the lavish attention went to their heads, perhaps they were just born scallywags. Whatever the change, these two rabbits certainly heard the 'Exit' in 'Brexit' and their escape artistry skills were honed.

The first notion to be tested was 'how deep is the ground?' Paul and Ringo joint forces to dig their way under the hutch. Great Escape style, they tunnelled down and out. Some lovely Yorkshire stone flags put a stop to that.

Next was 'can rabbits fly?' This test involved Paul climbing on top of the hutch and launching himself towards the outer run fence - let's just say this was more Chicken Run than rabbit run.

Finally as repairs were made to the rabbits' bedroom ramp (yes you read correctly), which had broken in the melee, Ringo decided to nibble the toecaps of maintenance man Charles' boots as he worked, probably in a bid to hitch a ride to nirvana beyond the run's picket fence.

Of yes, even today the rabbits are exceptionally well loved. But maybe Houdini and Copperfield might have been more appropriate names! #butterwouldntmelt

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