Friday, 17 August 2012

Once Upon a Christmas Time...

...There was a beautiful old manor, nestling quietly on the edge of town. The manor was stunning, with beautiful gardens and tall trees that had became home to the winter robin who searched the frosty grounds for crumbs.

Through the stone-mullioned windows was an inviting scene. Warm log fires ablaze in their places, candles alight on the dinner table and the muffled sound of laughter that tumbled through doors ajar.

From the kitchen came a delicious waft of roasting meats and the steam of fresh vegetables. Full platters and pots of rich gravy were shared between guests as they clinked glasses in cheers to the season.

The robin flew to the window ledge to wait. But not a morsel was spared. 

Christmas memories are made at Holdsworth House. Download the new brochure today to be part of our history.

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