Friday, 26 September 2014

A Real Last Tango in Halifax Wedding!

You might think you are a fan of the BBC's Last Tango in Halifax, but you might not have much on a couple that were recently married at Holdsworth House Hotel in Halifax.

The BAFTA winning TV show was filmed at Holdsworth House (series 2) and featured as the venue of Caroline and Kate's romantic weekend break, Celia's hen party and Alan and Celia's wedding (although some indoor scenes were also filmed elsewhere).

One couple whose real life backstory remarkably follows that of Alan and Celia's is Maxine and Roland who were married at Holdsworth House in August 2014. The new Mr & Mrs Tyler were married in The Gazebo, in the grounds of Holdsworth House Hotel looking on to the beautiful facade of the hotel, which featured prominently in the Last Tango series. 


In a story that mirrors Alan and Celia's so closely, it was however Maxine and Roland who have lived the real life tale for the last 30 years. The couple were young sweethearts who both went their separate ways and married separately. Years later they were reunited via the Internet having, unknowingly, lived close by to each other for so long.

In a similar twist to the BBC shows' characters, Maxine and Roland (pictured left with their families) decided not to tell anyone they were getting married, and in fact Maxine chose not to get an engagement ring, joking now that she 'wants a sports car like Celia'! The only difference in the stories is that the couple's children from previous marriages actually attended the marriage ceremony, making it a wonderful family affair.

Maxine said “We were looking for a small wedding venue where we could slip away and get married. We were avid fans of Last Tango in Halifax so as soon as we saw that it was filmed at Holdsworth House I knew it was the place for us. As it’s such a beautiful venue I didn’t think they’d have space for us but when I spoke to Claire the wedding coordinator and she said they could fit us in, I just knew it was fate.

“Our story is exactly the same as Alan and Celia’s, we have both been married before and have lived relatively close by for so long. We got back in touch via the Internet, just like Alan and Celia and, as it turns out, Roland has been driving past my house for years not knowing that I live there. We didn’t tell anyone we were getting married” Maxine added jokingly, “In fact we were thinking of announcing our marriage via text a bit like Alan and Celia too!"

Kind thanks go to Maxine and Roland for allowing us to tell their story. The team wishes them both much happiness for the future.

Pictures courtesy of Maxine and Roland Tyler, official Last Tango photographer's Kyte Photography and Red Production Company

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