Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thirty seven years and counting...

Rose Kendell
Apparently the average person changes jobs eleven times during his or her career* so Holdsworth House's kitchen porter, Rosemary Kendell, is definitely an exception as she clocks up 37 years' work at the four star hotel.

In fact Rose began work at the hotel aged sweet sixteen when Holdsworth House (or the Cavalier Country Club as it was known then) was owned by the late Freddie and Rita Pearson. Our Belfast beauty travelled to England aged just fifteen and followed in her mum's footsteps to work at the hotel; Rose's mum Maureen McEvoy also worked as Holdsworth House's kitchen porter! Working to begin with on weekends and evenings Rose finally took over from her mum after 27 years in the job.

Now with four sons and one daughter Rose has fond memories as she continues her long service at Holdsworth House:

"I remember Rita and Freddie Pearson (who bought the hotel in 1953), they were lovely people. After the birth of my son I brought him in to the hotel and Rita and Freddie gave him a new blanket, they were always asking after the children. Then when I had my daughter I worked right up until the day she was born - in fact I had to call in sick the morning I had Laura."
Rita Pearson
Today Holdsworth House is in the safe hands of Rita and Freddie's children, Gail and Kim.

Rose continues; "It's lovely to see the hotel still thriving. We have bigger events more frequently. I've seen the hotel grow and develop with the bedroom extension and bar. Its a lovely team and still a great family to work for."

Rose is fondly known for her gorgeous Irish Gaelic twang, deep loyalty to the hotel and wonderful friendship she offers everyone around her. We all send Rose the very best wishes as she celebrates her long career at Holdsworth House.


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