Sunday, 29 December 2013

Our Top 5 Marriage Proposal Ideas

New Year is famously one of the most popular times for marriage proposals.  So if you're thinking of popping the question this year, we've surveyed our team to come up with our ultimate proposal top 5.

Our Top 5 Marriage Proposal Ideas at Holdsworth House
  1. Spell out ‘Marry Me?’ on our lawn with rose petals. Then from the first floor private dining room window let your loved one see it for themselves
  2. Lead your partner up the steps and inside the historic stone built Gazebo, set with beautiful tea lights and a bottle of Champagne, then sink to one knee for the big question
  3. Take a bowl of marshmallows to toast on the open fireplace in our Courtyard, hide the engagement ring under the sweets
  4. Take a stroll to the beautiful love seat in the gardens, or beneath the decorative gazebo, and deliver your rehearsed lines
  5. Ask our chef to serve your partner’s engagement ring under a silver dome tray with dessert after your meal
We love a marriage proposal here, we're old romantics at heart. Although many Romeos like to do it their own unique way, if you're stumped for proposal ideas, you could opt for our romantic off the shelf (no pun intended) Ultimate Marriage Proposal Package.


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