Thursday, 2 February 2012

Please tell us romance isn't dead.

Why do some blokes leave it 'til the last minute to woo their ladies into a state of absolute bliss? Don't they know that most women simply want to be swept off their feet and not have to do the bloomin' organising for once. OK so not all men are the same. There is (somewhere) a number who might have already considered where they're whisking their partners off to this Valentine's Day, booked it, called the florist, ordered the white horse and knight's outfit...
For those who haven't got Valentine's Day sorted, there's a whole week's worth of wooing available at Holdsworth House, not just for February 14th (which is a Tuesday this time). Anything from Valentine's afternoon tea, to a fabulous dinner or a romantic overnight break. Or if you're really going to push the boat out this year, how about proposing? Proposal packages make it nice and 'easy' - well we take care of the organisation, you just need to decide which knee to get down on. Simples x

(But oh, ladies don't forget it's a leap year this time so maybe you will end up doing the organising after all!)

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